What is Cognia?

Cognia is an accrediting house of educational institutions with different modalities and an international presence. It is in charge of measuring processes carried out in schools to standardize them and improve their impact on student learning. There are three main axes: resources, leadership, and education. Each one has its respective standards that must be met; It is not only having them, but demonstrating that they are carried out, measured, and improved, thus ensuring our growth as an institution.


This global network of educators formed to help strengthen schools through a holistic approach to continuous improvement encompasses ongoing assessment, professional learning, and individualized services for students to improve their learning opportunities.


At the British School, through a rigorous evaluation system of specialized standards and fields, we have been internationally accredited with Cognia, which endorses us as a school that meets quality standards in education and maintains a constant commitment to continuous improvement.


What benefits do our students get from this?

  • We are involved in continuous improvement processes
  • We are in constant training and professional development, as a consequence, better learning opportunities for our students
  • We have quality tools for the observation of learning environments, as well as evaluation tools that allow us to improve our educational program
  • The Cognia seal on our certificates provides an international profile recognized in more than 87 countries.

We are happy to achieve our goals but much more committed to sustaining them and attaining new goals with all of you.