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About Us

We are a team of highly trained educators who passionately work to provide a global education, fostering creative thinking, a love of learning, self-knowledge, respect for others, and the desire to impact the world positively.

The British School is internationally acredited by Cognia, the world’s largest education improvement organization, representing 40,000 accredited schools in 85 countries.

Achieving accreditation is a voluntary process and certifies that the school meets high-quality standards and provides an excellent learning environment established by expert assessment teams.


Accreditation involves:

  • Meeting modern and fresh perspectives at all times to provide students with the best educational opportunities.
  • Having more qualified students who continuously improve practice methods to increase student achievement.
  • Access to a global, diverse, robust curriculum, various student activities, and support services. 

We rely on annual evaluations by the College Board, which we follow up every year, implementing continuous improvements to the curricula.

Parents can confidently make informed decisions about their children’s education, knowing that their academic results and achievements are globally accredited and recognized. 

To learn more about Cognia click here.


We are a team with highly trained educators levering advanced technology, working together to provide an integrated educational system to promote the student’s construction of their knowledge and the optimal development of their academic, sports, social and cultural abilities. To form people with competencies for life, moral values, and commitment to their community and environment.


To be the institution with an avant-garde educational model, offering cutting-edge technology, appropriate infrastructure, well-established organizational processes, and human warmth, to educate successful and capable global citizens to face any challenge, with positive values and attitudes.