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Privacy Policy

I expressly accept the terms and conditions of this PRIVACY NOTICE

Notice of Privacy. Hereby the parent (s) of the corresponding pupil (hereinafter jointly the Parent (s) and the student as the “Holder” expressly authorize the COLEGIO BRITANICO, SC “CB”) located at Prol. Blvd. Campestre # 2600 Col. Lomas del Refugio CP 37120 León, Gto. Mexico, for CB to obtain, use, store, dispose, have access and additionally transmit and transfer to any authority and / Or institution, especially of an educational nature including for the exercise of its attributions and by any means known or to be known, including without limitation printed and / or electronic, the personal data of the Holder, including sensitive personal data, in the understanding That this Notice of Privacy may also deal with and deal with them (hereinafter collectively including sensitive personal data such as “Personal Data”).

The treatment of the Personal Data of the Holder is subject to all of the following:

1. Your authorization will be revocable by the Holder in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data held by Individuals (hereinafter the “Law”). In case of revocation, the Holder releases CB from responsibility for the consequence and causes of such revocation.

2. It will be carried out and done with the following purposes, so CB can: invoice and carry out its administrative processes; Comply with the obligations of CB derived from any contractual relationship that has or will have with the Holder; Generate and support information regarding their school enrollment; Carry out monitoring and statistics; Inform the Holder of changes in educational and administrative matters; Contact the Holder, especially in cases of emergency; And may comply with all applicable laws, regulations, ordinances, circulars, decrees and directives, especially related in educational matters and in relation to the student.

3. It shall be carried out for as long as necessary to enable CB to fully comply with the purposes referred to in 2 above.

4. It will be carried out by CB and the following people: its partners, manager (s), manager (s), employee (s); Attorney (s), your consultant (s) and / or school transportation providers.

It is established that the Personal Data constitutes confidential information of the Holder. Therefore, CB agrees to keep each and every one of the Personal Data in strict confidentiality and is obliged not to disclose or disclose the Personal Data to persons other than those indicated and / or permitted in this notice without the prior consent granted by the owner. CB will take reasonable measures to prevent the disclosure of Personal Data to third parties in a manner different from that allowed by this Privacy Notice, such as restricting access to Personal Data to certain individuals.

The obligation of confidentiality shall not apply to: (i) information that is in the public domain, that is public or that works in sources of public access as said term is defined in the Law; (Ii) information that is obvious, including for a person skilled in the art; (Iii) information that prior to its disclosure is already held by CB or any of the persons referred to in number 4 above or has been independently developed by CB or by such persons; (Iv) information that must be disclosed by legal provision, court order or competent authority.

The Owner of the Personal Data shall have the right of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition in accordance with the provisions of the Law. To enforce these rights, the Owner of the Personal Data shall follow the procedure described below: ) The request for access, rectification, cancellation or opposition must be made in writing and addressed to COLEGIO BRITANICO, SC, domicile in Prol. Blvd. Campestre # 2600 Col. Lomas del Refugio C.P. 37120 León, Gto. Mexico and (b) the application must contain and accompany the following: (b.i) the name (s) of the Holder and domicile (s) or other means to communicate the response to his request; (B.ii) documents proving the identity or, as the case may be, the legal representation of the Holder; (B.iii) a clear and precise description of the Personal Data in respect of which it is sought to exercise any of the aforementioned rights; (B.iv) any other element or document that facilitates the location of Personal Data; And (b.v) where appropriate, the modifications to be made and provide the documentation that supports your request. CB shall notify the Card Holder, within a maximum period of twenty calendar days from the date of receipt of the corresponding duly integrated application, the determination adopted, so that, if it is appropriate, it becomes effective within fifteen calendar days Following the date on which the response to the Holder is communicated. In accordance with the provisions of the Law, the aforementioned periods may be extended once only for an equal period, provided that the circumstances of the case so warrant.

This Notice of Privacy may be modified by a simple written and / or electronic notice that CB addresses the Owner of the Personal Data at least thirty calendar days in advance of the effective date of the modification. In the event that the Owner of the Personal Data does not agree with the modifications, he will have the right of opposition in the terms previously described. If there is no opposition during the thirty calendar days indicated above or if the opposition is unfounded, modifications to this Privacy Notice when they do not relate to sensitive personal data will be deemed accepted for all legal purposes. The above procedure will not be necessary when the modifications are in agreement in writing signed or when consent by the Owner of the Personal Data.