At this early stage, the foundation to build a solid learning structure is established. The values that shape children to become life-long learners begin here. We are seeding the fundamental set of values that will accompany our young students for the rest of their lives by nurturing attributes like kindness, respect, creative thinking, and teamwork.


Children are guided to grow in independence, kindness, patience, cooperation, self-control, and responsibility as they interact with others and their environment.

Our one-of-a-kind mini-city empowers a constructivist education to pragmatically acquire knowledge within a hands-on, self-discovery, and autonomy approach.

All this, reinforced with suitable material, cutting-edge technology, and activities so that knowledge is an authentic construction driven by themselves.

ninos kinder

Our main objective is that our little ones achieve independence with autonomy, expressing their ideas and opinions with respectful attitudes and value for their social and cultural environment. We consider and value each child’s strengths, challenges, interests, and unique gifts while fostering a climate of trust, respect, creativity, and autonomy.

Our teachers with support staff are equipped with all the resources and cutting-edge technology so students can achieve their highest potential.

  • 100% bilingual
  • Constructivist based education
  • Specialized team of faculty and staff
  • Art, science, physical education, psychomotricity, computing, and robotics, and gardening are part of the curriculum
  • Football, taekwondo, gymnastics
  • Classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology, work areas, and didactic materials
  • Extensive green areas to play, learn, and enjoy


Forming Exceptional Human Begins